Nancy Freier

Intuitive Interior Design
& Essential Feng Shui® Consultant

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Feng shui is all about symbolism in the environment and the affect  our things have on us. The "double happiness" symbol (above) is often used to ensure a happy marriage.

Nancy Freier Essential Feng Shui® Consultant

I help you create the ideal home or workspace to help bring about your life goals. It's an intuitive design process in which I analyze the space. I work with the Five Elements (Fire, Water, Metal, Wood and Earth), the floor plan and the artful placement of all the beloved things in your environment. During the consultation
I might actually rearrange some furnishings to create the ultimate flow of energy in order to bring about your desired results.

To enhance your personal design style, I work with the things you own and love, within your tastes and decor styles and within your budget. I help you make wise new choices for furniture, textiles, art, and building materials, as needed, but you do not necessarily buy anything new unless you want to.

I design your space with you starting from the blueprint stage, or with the existing structure. The "redesigning" I do is always aimed at you achieving your goals with the project.

Remember... your ‘feng-shuied’ space does not have to look like a ‘feng-shuied’ space.

To begin, I will email a questionnaire to gather information regarding my work with you.

Enjoy the confidence of working with a trained professional!

As a graduate of Western School of Feng Shui® my training, experience, and personal commitment is your assurance of a high degree of professionalism.

Serving the Fox Cities & Northeast Wisconsin in person; elsewhere via Skype/Facetime

2021 Consultation Price List:

$90/hour residential | $120/hour commercial/business properties


For more about the work I do, and to read a few testimonials from past clients,