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Nancy Freier
Essential Feng Shui®
Interior Redesign Consultant

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Fun Fact: Feng Shui is all about symbolism in our environment and the affect that the things we live with have on us. For example, the "Double Happiness" symbol (above) is often used to ensure a happy marriage.

Essential Feng Shui® Interior Redesign

I offer a unique interior redesign service that can potentially solve all kinds of problems. I work with your personal tastes, colors, and design style, and the things you own and love. Often times the furniture and decor simply needs to be rearranged so the energy flows to benefit you. If anything new is needed, I guide you in making wise new choices for furniture, textiles, art, paint colors, building materials, etc. I work with you in whatever phase of building, or remodeling you're in ~ from the blueprint stage, or the existing structure. You can enjoy the confidence of working with a trained professional. As a graduate of Western School of Feng Shui® my training, experience and personal commitment to you in achieving your goals is your assurance of a high degree of professionalism.


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I am available to present: "The Miracles of Feng Shui"

In person or Zoom, this fun and inspiring talk features a brief history of feng shui and why it is so popular here in the west. Some of the basic principles of this "art of placement" are explained, along with some fun and inspiring "before-and-after" stories. 45-60 minutes, plus Q&A session.


Romancing the Bedroom Private Session

Using your floor plan, photos and Zoom or Messenger ~ I analyze the room according to EFS® principles and your goals of wanting to integrate more love to yourself; improve the love relationship you have with your partner; or if single, to welcome a sweetheart into your life. During this session I make suggestions for you to implement after the session. 60 minute class. Please e-mail for details.