Nancy Freier
Essential Feng Shui®
Interior Redesign Consultant

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Tip: Feng shui is all about symbolism in the environment and the affect our things have on us. The "double happiness" symbol (above) is often used to ensure a happy marriage.

Essential Feng Shui®


I offer a unique interior redesign service that can potentially solve all kinds of problems. No worries ~ I work with your personal tastes and style, and the things you own and love ~ simply get them in the right place where the energy flow benefits you. If anything new is needed, I can guide you in making wise new choices for furniture, textiles, art, paint colors, building materials, etc. I work with you in whatever phase of building or remodeling you're in ~ from the blueprints or the existing structure ~ until the changes are implemented and we have the final follow-up call.


Enjoy the confidence of working with a trained professional. As a graduate of Western School of Feng Shui® my training, experience and personal commitment to you in achieving your goals is your assurance of a high degree of professionalism. For more information, visit:

I am available for presenting Keynote talks in person, or on Zoom:

"The Miracles of Feng Shui"  (45 - 60 minute talk)

Featuring a brief history of feng shui, the basic principles, and some before-and-after examples.


"Romancing the Bedroom" One-on-one Mini-Class

Using your floor plan, photos and Zoom ~ I analyze the room and make suggestions to implement changes to integrate more self love; improve the love relationship you have with your partner, or if single, to welcome a sweetheart into your life. (60 minute class)



For more information, email Nancy here!