Nancy Freier

Intuitive Interior Design
& Essential Feng Shui® Consultant

"Designs with Intention"

  • Assoc. of Arts-Interior Design

  • 1999 Graduate of the Western School of Feng Shui®

  • Over 30 years of happy clients!

I serve the Fox Cities & Northeast Wisconsin in-person and elsewhere using your floor plans, photos and Skype/Zoom technology with your laptop.

Consultations are generally 2 to 3 hours depending on size of home and scope of issues.

Please e-mail for questionnaire. Cost of services based on:

$75/hour residential

$90/hour business


For more information:

e-mail: NFreier(at)aol(dot)com


There’s a 'secret' to good looking, well-functioning interior design that can bring to life your dreams and goals. Certain principles play a role in the proper placement of furnishings and treasured personal items in your home, workplace — even the landscape — that contribute to one's experiences, relationships, their wealth and prosperity and an overall sense of well-being. Essential Feng Shui® is the observation of energy flow combined with your desires, then making adjustments to determine a harmonious blend. As a result, your goals are beautifully supported and realized.

That (ancient Chinese) 'secret' is Feng Shui – translated to mean “wind and water’ it has been practiced in China for thousands of years and has become popular in the west in the last few decades due to its extraordinary effects on people. Feng shui is an environmental art and science that sees the world completely alive, with all things – buildings, streets and furnishings – connected in a dynamic relationship that influences all we experience – including improved health conditions, rewarding relationships, and an increase in happiness and prosperity!

 Essential Feng Shui® addresses the special needs of our Western culture. Its practical and effective approach makes bringing harmony into your environment an enjoyable experience with many benefits. As an Essential Feng Shui® Consultant I help you create the ideal home or workspace to bring about your life goals. 

What I do...
I analyze the space and work with the Five Elements (Fire, Water, Metal, Wood and Earth), the floor plan and the artful placement of all things in your environment. During the consultation I might rearrange your furnishings to create the ultimate flow of energy to bring about your desired changes. I enhance your personal design style by working with the things you already own and love, and/or (depending on what is required) help you make wise new choices for furniture, textiles, art and materials for building or renovating as necessary to accomplish your goals.

You can enjoy the confidence of working with a trained professional. As a graduate of Western School of Feng Shui® along with my personal commitment to your success, you can be assured of a high degree of professionalism.
If you're concerned with what your home will look like, you can relax. I use the items you already own and love (whenever possible– or I help you select new pieces). I keep your personal tastes, colors and styles a priority so your 'feng-shuied’ space does not have to look like a 'feng-shuied' space. It can be your secret! 

My Story, Background & Training:
At age 10 I bought a House Beautiful magazine with my allowance. Paging through it and seeing all those beautiful houses, I knew I wanted to be an interior designer when I grew up. Ten years Iater, I was in a design school and upon graduation I began working for one of the top interior designers in Milwaukee. Although things were going pretty well, I intuitively felt something was missing. I saw people living in beautiful homes but they weren't necessarily happy, and as a designer that puzzled me. Later, in the early 90s, I discovered Feng Shui – the art and science of energy and placement – and I immediately knew that was the missing piece of the design puzzle! I graduated from the Western School of Feng Shui® in 1996 and have incorporated these principles in my work since.

Associate of Arts – Interior Design, 1972
• Graduate of Western School of Feng Shui®, San Diego, CA, 1999


Here are some comments from some very nice clients...
"Nancy's redesign work is awesome! She did my first office, and when I moved to a new location, she did that office. I do not know how she figures everything out, but it is amazing." - V.H.
"Nancy designed my new office from an open space to a lovely environment that we love to be in. I highly recommend her for a home or workplace design. We attracted several new clients already in the first month!" –R.D.

“Your work has been life-changing! Your organizational skills shifted my business and shifted my home. My kids love their bedrooms and things are off to a great start!”–Dr. J.S.
"My financial situation was a mess, and when you analyzed my wealth area (which happens to be in my baby's bedroom), you found that her clutter was actually blocking my finances. I bought a neat little toy box and have been keeping it in another area, and it's made a huge difference! I've had a steady increase in clients since. Thank you!" –Warmly, M.K.
"I used the services of the wonderful and gifted Nancy Freier to boost the energy in my home. Today she assisted me in redoing my office that had been literally draining me. Now I can work in there and not dread it. Thank you so much, and I invite you to utilize her expertise as well! –Linda J., R.N
"I am very happy with the results! Thank you, Nancy!" –L.L.

“I’m only halfway finished with Nancy’s suggestions and already three very significant things have happened. I love what she did to my home! Everything feels so much better!” –J.A.

"Nancy, every time I meet with you, you amaze me with your talents!" –J.L.