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Nancy's story of how The Inner Voice began and became an international magazine is now on video. T

he presentation was recorded on Sunday, February 5, 2023 courtesy of Wendy Zammit's Global Gathering.

Watch it here:

The Inner Voice Magazine Back Story

By Publisher Nancy Freier






My communication with "the inner voice" consciously began on November 18, 1986 – the day my fiancé died suddenly and unexpectedly, throwing me into deep shock and grief. I prayed like crazy, asking God to help me, promising that if I got through the ordeal 'alive' I would help others so they didn't have to suffer. I was crazy with desperation that my plea was futile and went unheard because I felt my prayers were never answered. But amazingly, as I walked to my car following the news of his death, an inner voice spoke to me: "This is not the end, Dearest Nancy. This is just the beginning!"


Before, during and after the funeral some magical coincidences happened. I met certain people who helped bring out my clairaudient gift of hearing an inner voice. I taught myself an automatic handwriting technique - based on Author Ruth Montgomery's method – with which to document the messages. In the beginning, the focus of these readings was to heal my grief by communicating with my deceased fiancé, but as time went on, the angels came through with answers to help others and this sacred communication with the other side became my life's work.

For sure it was a set-up by the Angels because they immediately sent people who were in desperate need for answers as to why something was (or wasn't) happening in their life. The Angels' answers were amazing, and when their guidance was followed, miracles happened! Miracles such as illnesses were healed that weren't expected to be healed; and, those in spirit came through with messages to heal the grief in the hearts of those they left behind. (Read the stories in my book Angel Guidance: Wisdom for Navigating Life's Challenges.) These stories needed to be told so others could also stop hurting (remember my promise). The year was 1993 when the first issue of The Inner Voice Magazine was printed. Today it is read around the world from this website. I still feature the signature Angel Talk™ column, along with brother Steve's Book Overviews (books mostly about The Afterlife) and a collection of writings from others whose works inspire healing body, mind, spirit, heart and home.


The Inner Voice is published on the first of every month. Click on the "Home" tab to read the current issue, click on the "Back Issues" tab to read them. You may subscribe for free, or support this publication and website with a gift in any amount through PayPal. Thank you very much for your interest in our work.

May The Inner Voice be a blessing in your life!


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