Angel Readings

If you would like to know why something is, or isn't happening in your life, ask the Angels. Their guidance will help you understand the challenges you face and guide you through them. We come into life with what the angels refer to as "the Grand Plan" (a curriculum, if you will) that our Soul set down before birth. Of course we have forgotten that plan coming through the veil between the worlds, but the Angels are ready to remind us, assuring us there is always a reason why things happen. In the reading, they intervene to reveal the lesson your soul is learning, allowing you to make wise choices going forward.

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1. Get to the Root Reading
~ The angels answer your questions and reveal the root cause of why something is or isn't happening. Sometimes the cause stems from a past life. The reading gives you clarity, understanding and a prayer. Reading is done privately through an automatic writing process. $125
2. Mediumship Reading ~ Messages from loved ones on The Other Side as guided by the Angels. 30-minute Facetime, Zoom or phone cal by appointment. Donation in any amount.
3. Urgent Mini-Reading ~A 15 minute Facetime, Zoom or phone call. Donation in any amount.
Readings are by appointment ~ payable through PayPal.
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About Nancy Freier

Nancy is the publisher of The Inner Voice magazine and the author of Angel Guidance: Wisdom for Navigating Life's Challenges (available soon on Kindle). She also wrote You Can Talk To Your Angels (pdf book).
Mediumship Certification is from Matthew Smith of the Arthur Findlay College in England.