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Angel Guidance book is now available!
If you are searching for answers and want to know why something is, or isn't happening in your life... ask the Angels. Their compassionate guidance will help you understand 'the why' and wisely lead you through the challenge you are facing.
Angel Medium Nancy Freier has been a channel for Angels since her sudden awakening in 1986 following the death of her fiancé. She prayed for help to get through the ordeal and the angels spontaneously began communicating with her. Nancy's ongoing collaboration with the Angels of the Great White Light resulted in her doing hundreds of readings for people with all kinds of health issues and personal problems. That was the inspiration for her to publish Angel Talk™ in The Inner Voice magazine that she publishes monthly.

That work led Nancy to publishing her book
Angel Guidance: Wisdom For Navigating Life’s Challenges ~ a curated collection of the most popular questions asked of the Angels over the years. The contents are arranged in alphabetical order by topic so you may easily look up a specific issue. Or, as the angels suggest, "Open the book to any page and read what you are guided to read. If the question doesn’t apply, the answer will."

Click book cover to order through Amazon. Available in Kindle immediately or paperback.


Angel Medium Nancy Freier

is the Author of: Angel Guidance: Wisdom for Navigating Life's Challenges. She is also the Creator of The Inner Voice magazine since 1992.


Having done Angel Guidance Readings since 1986, Nancy received her formal Mediumship Certification in 2016 from Matthew Smith of the Arthur Findlay College.

She continues to offer private readings and trainings in angel and spirit communication.



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Angel Guidance Readings

1. Angel Guidance Reading The Angels offer their wisdom and guidance on your situation, giving you clarity and understanding so you know what direction to take. After a short conversation to gather your questions, the reading is done privately through a unique automatic writing process, usually withing a few days. When finished, the reading is e-mailed to you and followed-up with a phone conversation. - $100

2. Angel Mediumship Reading - $45
This 30-minute phone/Facetime/Zoom reading brings through messages from loved ones on The Other Side to help ease grief.
3. Urgent Situation Mini-Reading - $25
The Angels say, take a deep breath. Then click the pink link and Nancy will call you to set up a meeting by phone, Zoom or Facetime/Messenger.
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