Readings from "The Inner Voice"
Nancy Freier has a gift to see, hear and ‘feel’ messages from “the inner voice” who identifies himself as, “Sreper, Angel of the Great White Light.” He has compared himself as a CEO of a huge corporation of angels [and other non-physical beings of Light] including nature spirits, devas, fairies – each having their own area of expertise, much like we humans have our degrees and skills. Sreper oversees the connection with the Spiritual Realms much like a CEO oversees and guides his employees ... for you to receive the best and highest answer to your questions that help you resolve life’s challenges.
 and give you peace.

A Little History

My communication with the Angels began in 1986 following the sudden death of my fiancé. That same day, the Angels said that I was so sad, they had to bend near the Earth to save me.” In my grief, I promised I would "help others so they didn't have to suffer," and my communication with the angels began, eventually leading me to fulfill that promise. Soon after the funeral I met Holistic Faith Healer, Joann Baumann of Milwaukee who asked me to do a reading for each of her clients. As a result of them following the guidance from the Angels, Joann reported several miracles to me – including:

– a 5-year-old boy was totally healed of Autism in a period of about 6-months
– a career woman had peace-of-mind over her career choice
– a young woman with Leukemia in dire need of bone marrow was spontaneously healed

– the mother of a teen-aged boy who was killed in a house fire needed to know why
– a widow grieving her loss was comforted by her husband's words

– the life plan for several babies born with a "childhood illness" was revealed, peace of mind restored

– a victim of a stabbing wanted to know why she was attacked, and later able to forgive her attacker

– and the list goes on!


It was hearing the results of the Readings that I felt these stories needed to be told so others could have hope that they, too could be healed. That is what inspired me to create and publish The Inner Voice Magazine – in print from 1993-2001; and online monthly since December 2012.

The Angels Are Here to Help

If you would like to know why something is happening in your life, all you need to do is ask the Angels for their Love, Light and Wisdom. They will help you understand your challenges in body, mind, spirit, emotions, relationships, careers, and give you peace, love and understanding. The Golden Key is the angels insist there is a very good reason why things happen. In the reading they reveal the lesson your soul is learning so you hare able make wise choices going forward.


from past Clients...

• "Thank you so very much for the Angel reading. It was very warming and reassuring! –S.S.

• "Wow, that reading was amazing! It is exactly what my dad would say to me if he were still alive! -J.K.

• “Since I received Nancy’s message from the angels, I have focused – as suggested – with positive results. I am consequently very impressed with Nancy's abilities.” –R.P.

•“Thank you for this beautiful reading! I will continue to re-read it and reach out to you in the near future.” –A.B.

My Reading Background and Training:

I have been doing readings from the Angels of the Great White Light since my "awakening" in 1986. I have published

The Inner Voice magazine for over 18 years; and am the author of Heaven Help Me! (out of print); and You Can Talk To Your Angels (available as a pdf download). I have taught hundreds of people my inner listening/automatic-writing technique during a book tour across the U.S. in 2000, and to individuals since.

I also conduct spirit doll-making workshops [currently on hold due to the pandemic].


My Mediumship Certification was earned in 2016 from Matthew Smith,
a Medium from the Arthur Findlay College, England.

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Get a Reading from the Angels
Please send your query to:


Option 1) A 30-minute "Live" Reading on Skype or Facetime by appointment. This is a good option for an urgent matter. $45


Option 2) In-depth Reading~This is my favorite way to do your reading and it is how I've done them since 1988. It is an "in-depth' reading in which your questions are answered by the Angels and Guides through an automatic-writing process. This reading could be called, "the bigger picture" as they point to what you are learning from your situation, giving you clarity on what direction to take. The reading may include past-life influences; relationship dynamics and other information to help you heal and move on.

How it's done~ For this reading, you are NOT present, allowing me to go deep without interruptions. Simply e-mail your questions, along with a brief description of the situation. Photos are also helpful, as they take the place of you being here. When the reading is finished, I will e-mail (or mail) it to you. After you've had time to read it, we schedule a follow-up call to be sure you understand what the angels said. Special Sale $100

     Flower Essence Remedy~ "Peace, love and healing in a bottle!" I hand-pick 4 to 5 flower essences to balance and transform the deeper levels of your heart and soul issues. It helps to restore mental and emotional imbalances. $25

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