Angel Readings

My communication with the Angels began in 1986 following the sudden death of my sweetheart. On that same day, the Angels came to me with a rather loud "inner voice" and told me they had to "bend near the Earth to save me, I was so sad."


In my grief, I cried, "Heaven help me get me through this alive and I promise I will help others so they don't have to suffer!" Unaware of it at that time, looking back I see that is when my conscious contact with the angels began~eventually leading me to fulfill my promise.


Soon after the funeral I met a Holistic Faith Healer ~ Joann Baumann who asked me to do a reading for each of her clients. As a result of following the heavenly guidance given in the reading, Joann reported several miracles – including:
– a 5-year-old boy was totally healed of Autism in a period of about 6-months
– a career woman had peace-of-mind over her career choice
– a young woman with Leukemia in dire need of bone marrow was spontaneously healed

– the mother of a teen-aged boy who was killed in a house fire needed to know why
– a widow grieving her loss was comforted by her husband's words

– the life plan for several babies born with a "childhood illness" was revealed, peace of mind restored

– a victim of a stabbing wanted to know why she was attacked, and later able to forgive her attacker

– and the list goes on!


It was hearing the results of the Readings that I felt these stories needed to be told so others could have hope that they, too could be healed. That is what inspired me to publish The Inner Voice Magazine (in print from 1993-2001; and online monthly since December 2012).

The Angels Are Here to Help

If you would like to know why something is happening in your life, all you need to do is ask the Angels for their Love, Light and Wisdom. They will help you understand your challenges in body, mind, spirit, emotions, relationships, careers, and give you peace, love and understanding. The Golden Key is the angels insist there is a very good reason why things happen. In the reading they reveal the lesson your soul is learning so you hare able make wise choices going forward.

Reading Prices

Readings Menu ~ Press here to e-mail your request for a Reading ~ I usually reply the same day.
1. Angel Reading ~This is an in-depth reading that gets to the root of the matter ~ from the angels' perspective. The advice and guidance you receive gives you clarity, allowing you to understand the situation to make wise choices to change or heal it. Reading is done privately with your written questions, then it is e-mailed to you when finished. It's like getting a letter from the angels! You may print out and refer to it as needed. A follow-up phone call is also included to be sure you understand what the angels said to you. Readings start at $150. Please e-mail for details.
2. Mediumship Reading ~ "Live" on Skype, Facetime or phone by appointment. These are relatively shorter in length (average 20-30 minutes) and charged @ $2/minute.
3. Urgent Mini-Reading –A brief phone call ~ $$ donation in any amount.
Readings are payable by personal check or PayPal. Turn-around time is about a week, sooner if urgent.

The Angels and I look forward to helping you!

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About Nancy Freier

My Professional
Background and Training

I have been doing readings from the Angels of the Great White Light since 1986. I am the publisher of The Inner Voice magazine and the author of Heaven Help Me! (a revised & expanded book coming soon); and You Can Talk To Your Angels (available as a pdf download). I have taught hundreds of people how to talk with their angels through an inner listening/automatic-writing technique I developed. I also conduct spirit doll-making workshops.


My Mediumship Certification was earned from Matthew Smith, a Medium from the Arthur Findlay College in England.


Payable by check or invoiced thru PayPal.