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Angel Medium Nancy Freier

is the Author of: Angel Guidance: Wisdom for Navigating Life's Challenges. She is also the Creator, Editor and Publisher of The Inner Voice Magazine since 1992.


Nancy has been giving Angel Guidance Readings since 1986. In 2016 she received her formal Mediumship Certification. She continues to offer private readings and trainings in angel and spirit communication.

Join the world-wide Angel Guidance Gathering on ZOOM!
We explore and discuss our on-going communications with The Other Side every 2nd Saturday of the month at (1pm CST, 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern; and, 6am Sunday in Australia).
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Angel Guidance Chat

By appointment on Messenger or Zoom

Once you decide to have an Angel Guidance Reading, simply press the PINK button below and give me a couple of choices of days and times you are available. (I'm in the US, Central Time Zone.) I will respond within a day or so to schedule the chat with you. Meanwhile, begin to formulate your questions for the Angels to address during the chat. Messenger or Zoom. $90/one hour

Angel Guidance via Automatic Writing

A written reading offers deep insights from the angels through an automatic writing process that is uninterrupted by conversation. The Angels often reveal past life influences that are affecting your current life; pre-birth "contracts," karmic lessons that are being worked out; and, origins of and ways to heal a disease, or illness. After I have finished the writing, I follow-up with a brief chat included in the price. $120

Nancy's Book: Angel Guidance: Wisdom For Navigating Life’s Challenges

A curated collection of some of the most popular questions asked of the Angels over the years. The contents are arranged in alphabetical order by topic so you may easily look up a specific issue, or as the angels suggest, "Open the book to any page and read what you are guided to read. If the question doesn’t apply, the answer will."

Some Reader's Comments about the book:
"I encourage readers to enjoy Nancy's new book, “Angel Guidance” because it is that beautiful soft whisper of insight, wisdom and deep knowing that will make all the difference in finding your way in this very difficult period. Read it all at one time, or pick it up and put it down, which is what I do when I’m looking for a particular answer. But whatever you do - buy a copy and enjoy."
-Dr Meredith Young-Sowers, Author, Angelic Messenger Cards and other books.

"I really am enjoying your "Angel Guidance" book! Your words are consoling and say exactly what I need to hear! Thank you so much!" -SML


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