April 2021

Dear Readers,
First of all let me introduce our new Editor, Grace Olson who comes to us from Nature’s Pathways magazine. Her skills and her expertise is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to working with her.  

This issue has a strong focus on ways we can love ourselves and each other more, which to me is the answer to what is wrong in the world. If we truly loved one another, we would not commit crimes against each other. So, I present  articles that will inspire you to heal yourself, the Earth – and potentially, even our society. We could start with emulating  a couple of traditions from a humble tribe in Africa who welcomes souls to Earth with a song, (p. 8); and another story depicting equality and non-competition, (p.11). It brings to mind the Bible verse, “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.” (Matthew 5:5) 

Speaking of the Bible, as a child in Sunday School, it was my impression that Jesus did not live very long – born in December and died in April. During those years while I was growing up, the focus always seemed to be placed upon his death. However, I later discovered what was more important was his resurrection – pointing to the conclusion that we do not die! See Steve’s book overview, Life-After Life (p. 6). Among several other articles, I am featuring a piece written by our late editor, Kathleen Jacoby titled, A Radical View of Christ that helps to explain some of the Christian mystique. 

I hope this issue enlightens and inspires you to love more and live better. Remember, the planet, like an egg, is fragile, so please handle with care. Wishing you a happy spring, and if it’s not happy, change it!


Inside This Issue

Inspirations for Healing Body, Mind, Spirit, Heart & Home

2021 April TOC

3   Ad: Events at Golden Light Healing Retreat Center

4   Angel Talk: Living in Harmony with Mother Earth

5   Ad: Get A Reading

6   Book Overview: “Life After Life”

7   Awakening Anew ~ A poem by JA Dioguardi

8   An African Tribe’s Birth Song

9   Innerview by Cherrie Hanson: Pain is Weakness

10  Ask The Inner Voice: Love is the Answer

11  Ubuntu! I am because we are

11  Your Voice: Comments from our Readers

12  Chief Dan George on ‘the Golden Rule’

13  Mellen-Thomas Benedict’s NDE

14  Living from Intuition is Magical by Pat Gullett

15  Practicing Mindfulness by Beverly Brunelle

16  Let Carnelian be Your Compass by Lori Andrus

17  Ad: Crystal Shaman School | Lori Andrus

18  A Radical View of Christ

20  Caroline Myss: Daily Chakra Healing

21  Books by Caroline Myss

22  Becoming Minimalist: Removing Visual Noise

23  Ad: Essential Feng Shui® Consultations

24  A Springtime Message from Bear - Lynn Schuster

25  Ad: Lynn Schuster Animal Communicator

26  Ad: Free Spirit Crystals | Benefits of Pietersite