June 2021

Dear Readers,

This month we take a look at the Divine Masculine to give balance to last month’s issue about the Divine Feminine.  

And, I am as surprised as you are at featuring Genesis Chapter 1 ~ the Story of Creation in the Angel Talk column this month. Those pesky angels persisted, and when I asked, “Really? Everyone knows that story.” They said, “No, not really.” And even so, we need to be reminded that we were all created equal. I am not entering into any debate about Creation vs. the big-bang theory. I am simply following the angels’ prompting to retell the story. They said, “Let’s all go all the way back to the beginning and remember all men were all created equal.” May we see the beauty in both males and females, and understand each has a unique role in the world. It’s a beautiful story that always fills me with wonder.

We welcome back Barry Kerr and his monthly Astro-Outlook column. June is all about Gemini with a link to read the other signs and what to expect this month.

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As always, feel free to forward this magazine to all your friends and spread some good news around the world! May we all find peace, contentment and balance this month ~ and if you’re a dad, we wish you a Happy Father’s Day!

~ Nancy, Publisher


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4 Angel Talk: The Creation Story

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6-7 Book Overview: Alec Harris (Physical Mediumship)

8-9 Healing Toxic Masculinity

10 Innerview: The Keys to Happiness

11 Astro-Outlook: Gemini

12 The Source of All Life

13 Practicing Mindfulness

14 What is the Divine Masculine?

16 Message from the Still Point Within

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18 Ten Minutes to Creativity

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21 Comic Relief / The Stranger
22 Becoming Minimalist: “Why do I have this?”

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24 Wisdom from our Native American Brothers

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