May 2021

Dear Readers,

As some of you may know, I began listening to the angels’ guidance back in 1986 in my cottage home in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. When people followed what the angels told them in their reading, miracles happened! This was what inspired me to share the news so more people could be helped. It was groundbreaking work to publish The Inner Voice and “to let public know you could ask the angels questions” and receive answers!


I worked in partnership with a holistic faith healer who believed all things could be healed. It was her faith that brought this heavenly gift forward, and over the years I have done hundreds of readings. It is truly amazing to look back and see the wisdom and guidance that has come through me from the angels. (See page 5 for more information.)


In this issue, honoring Mother’s Day, we celebrate the emergence of the Divine Feminine from which true healing flows. We give a nod to some of the amazing women who came before us: Saint Hildegard of Bingen (page 8); a “miracle” from Our Lady of Guadalupe, page 16; to Eccentric Nerd Women, page 10, and other quips and quotes to help us see the world of women anew.

Also, as I write this letter, President Biden is addressing Congress, and for the first time in U.S. history, two women are seated behind him.


Nancy, Publisher


Inside This Issue

Inspirations for Healing Body, Mind, Spirit, Heart & Home

3   Ad: Golden Light Healing Retreat Center

4   Angel Talk: The Divine Feminine

5   Ad: Get A Reading

6   Book Overview: The Afterlife of JD Salinger

7   Poem: "The Love of A Mother"

8   Hildegard of Bingen by Barbara LeVan Fisher

9   Comments from Our Readers

10 lnnerview: The Eccentric Nerd Woman

11 Inspiration for Healing the World

12 Celebrating Our Creator Mother by Pat Gullett

13 Practicing Mindfulness by Beverly Brunelle

14 Soulful Visioning with lolite by Lori Andrus

15 Ad: Lori Andrus — Crystal Shaman School

16 Our Lady of Guadalupe by Kathleen Jacoby

17 Flower Essence of the Month: Hounds Tongue

18 A Potpourri of Thoughts

19 Evidence of Angels

20 Minimalist: The Calm of Everything

21 Ad: Essential Feng Shui® Consultations

22 Lynn Schuster: Motherly Advice from Elephant

23 Ad: Lynn Schuster Animal Communicator

24 Ad: Free Spirit Crystals I Benefits of Morganite