August 2021 Contents


Inspirations for Healing Body, Mind, Spirit, Heart & Home

3   Events at Golden Light Healing Retreat Center
4   Angel Talk: Awakening to the Angelic Realms
6   Book Overview: Proof of Miracles by Debra Martin
7   Ten Ways to Love (and Heal) Yourself by Louise Hay
8   Flamenco and the Bias of Mature Women by Cherrie Hanson
9   “Fairy Dust” ~ A Poem by JA Dioguardi
10 Do You Believe in Faeries? by Nancy Yearwood
11 Potpourri: Create a Fairy Garden!
12 The Intelligence of Nature Spirits by Penny Kelly
13 Astro-Outlook for August by Barry Kerr
14 How to Trigger the Creative Process by Pat Gullett
15 Practicing Mindfulness with Beverly Brunelle
16 Peaceful Prehnite by Lori Andrus
17 Lori Andrus: Crystal Shaman School
18 Becoming Minimalist by Joshua Becker
19 Affirming Our Awesome Cells by Kathleen Jacoby
20 Share The Inner Voice! Let’s go VIRAL!
21 Ann Ruane: Lux Eterna Healing
22 What is Essential Feng Shui? by Terah K. Collins
23 Essential Feng Shui® Consultations
24 Enlightenment From the Animals by Lynn Schuster
25 Lynn Schuster: Animal Communicator
26 Free Spirit Crystals: The Benefits of Apophyllite

August 2021

Dear Readers,

In my world last month, my life was turned upside-down. It all began with a comment made by a healer friend who said to me that I have some “repressed anger”. I immediately shouted back, “I don’t have any anger!” (Ha! The irony! There certainly was anger in there!) I felt my life had been going along pretty well except I had been praying for a breakthrough regarding some issues with physical pain. That healing session revealed that I was experiencing several disappointments that were at the root of the physical pain. I share this personal story because it’s a curious thing as to how I can pray and affirm for something, and when the answer comes I don’t easily recognize it because I expect the answer to be in a different form. But, no worries because I was able to detach from that initial expectation and then receive what I needed to heal. If you can relate, remember with me, that the angels never fail to have a solution. However, frequently the answer is other than what you think it should be!

August always brings to mind the idea of a midsummer night’s dream and along with it those “invisible beings of light” ~ the fairies, elves, angels, etc. In this issue are several articles on this topic. I publish them as a reminder that these beings want to connect with us, to bring healing and balance to Earth. 
Be mindful of them in your garden, or on your walks in nature. Ask them to appear and see what happens! Talk to them. Reassure them it's safe to come out. One day on a walk in a friend’s garden, they surprisingly appeared to me as “spinning pinwheels of light.” I was not expecting to see that, and had I not been open-minded, I would have missed seeing them entirely!

So, keep an open mind. The elementals are here to help us remember our roots in the galaxy and our connection with them, while also helping us evolve into our own unique beings of light.


Happy Midsummer Dreaming!

~ Nancy, Publisher