October 2022

Dear Readers,
    October is my favorite month. The heat of summer is past, leaving the landscape in brilliant reds, oranges and yellows ~ filling us up with color to last all winter long. Balance is the key to life. As I write this, Ian hit Florida overnight and reports are coming in of the horrifying devastation. I know the fear. I lived in Naples, Florida and got out ahead of Hurricane David in 1979. I wonder what can be done to bring these extreme weather events into balance? Every year hurricanes flood the South and wildfires burn in the West. Knowing how thoughts create, let’s unite in visualizing rain falling in complete balance and perfect harmony throughout the country.

    October brings the full cycle of harvest, hearty soups and crispy caramel apples ~ and to some of us, Green Bay Packers football. October also brings a salute, if you will, to Halloween (aka. All Hallows Eve) followed by All Saint’s Day on Nov. 1 when the veil between the worlds is said to be thinner, and communication with the other side is clearer.  

    My work in Mediumship and bringing through messages from the dead offers comfort and completion to those on this side. This issue offers glimpses into the Afterlife, and it is my hope that you will read it all, through to the end, for you will gain much spiritual richness. Let me know your thoughts. I am here if you wish to connect with me, or with someone on The Other Side.

Nancy, Publisher

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