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July 2022

Dear Friends of The Inner Voice!

Being a channel and medium for loved ones to come through can be an interesting challenge. As I was curating ideas and articles for this issue, my late friend Richard Jerome Bennett came in rather loudly that it was time to share his Dolphin Myths and Whispers book he began writing before his untimely death in 2014. I was reminded of how much I miss his creativity, music talent, and humor.

I also felt the healing power of the Summer Solstice shine through with a message from one of my other “most unforgettable characters”~ Psychic Healer and Shaman Peter Inman. Both Richard’s “fairy tale for the New Age” and Peter Inman’s 1992 video interview by Steve Freier are real treats! I’ve had many spiritual teachers and mentors and I’ve known a lot of influencers, but these two top my list. I also want to give a shout out to all of the regular contributors, including Beverly Brunelle, Pat Gullett, Lori Andrus, Gigi Stafne, Barry Kerr, JoAnn Dioguardi, and Lynn Schuster. This magazine would not shine without you!

In this summer season of creativity and play, I wish to express my gratitude for my life, too… and for all my skills – feng shui, angel readings and my new book, and my ability to do this magazine each month. I, for one, live from inspiration to heal my body, mind, spirit, heart and home, then I love sharing my findings with you so you may likewise be inspired. It is my joy to do this work and is my hope that you will share this magazine around the world! I am certain there are many people out there who would be delighted and transformed by reading it, so please share it widely!
May your summer be blessed with lots of creativity, love and sunshine!

Nancy, Publisher