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January 2022 Contents

Inspirations for Healing Body, Mind, Spirit, Heart & Home

3 Events at Golden Light Healing Retreat Center
4 Angel Talk: Create a Wonderful Life with the 12-Steps
6 Flying High In Spirit: Book Review by Steve Freier
7 It’s Time! A Poem by JA Dioguardi
8 Natural Mysticism with Hildegard of Bingen
9 The Aquarian Shift: What will be different?
10 Setting Your Intentions in Stones
11 Ad: Crystal Shaman School
12 Winter Season of the Soul
13 Astrology of Capricorn by Barry Kerr
14 Creative Corner by Pat Gullett
15 Practicing Mindfulness with Beverly Brunelle
16-17 Create A Vision Board!
18 Peace to the Closet by Joshua Becker
19 Try Something New in 2022! By Stacy Schuerman
20 One Dozen Detox Herbs by Gigi Stafne
22 Subscribe & Share The Inner Voice!
24 Five Feng Shui Energy Shifts by Dana Claudat
25 Ad: Essential Feng Shui
26 The Passing of Big Dolly by Lynn Schuster
27 Ad: Lynn Schuster Animal Spirit Talker
28 Ad: Free Spirit Crystals

January 2022

Dear Readers,

It’s A Wonderful Life is a movie I can watch over and over. It is a warm and heartfelt story on so many levels, with a happy ending ~ just the way real life ought to be. Are you aware that we create our reality by our thoughts and beliefs? There is no better time than now to review what
we have already created, adjust our resolutions and get after the changes we wish to manifest to create a
wonderful life!


Who said life doesn’t come with an instruction manual?

We have the 12-Steps ~ not just for AAs, but for everyone, page 4. Need some clarity to envision your future? Author Barb LeVan Fisher wrote on Natural Mysticism, page 8. Become aware of ‘the bigger picture’ aka. The Age of Aquarius, page 9. Set your intention in stones, page 10. Create a Vision Board, page 16. Minimalist author Joshua Becker offers closet clarity, page 18. If you need some detoxing from 2021, you can count on Herbalist Gigi Stafne for advice, page 20-21. Among other articles, Dana Claudat offers some feng shui tips for manifesting your desires, page 24.

After you’ve done all of the visioning and affirming and things aren’t happening as fast as you’d like, it helps to remember your favorite things that put a smile on
your face. For example, when I was designing this issue, I came across two of my favorite artists, Maxfield Parrish (his painting ‘Ecstasy’ is on the cover), and Peter Max, the psychedelic pop artist from the 60s. A few of his works are inside.


Then, the angels reminded of an old favorite saying, “Don’t worry, be hippie!”

Wishing you a Hippie New Year!
~ Nancy, Publisher