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September Letter

Dear Readers,

Life can be so exasperating! I admit I am not always filled with love and light, nor do I first go to the highest plane possible and talk with my guides in spirit. Sometimes I get angry and frustrated that life doesn’t play out the way I wanted it to. Then, I remember, ‘Oh yeah, must be a lesson my soul wanted me to learn!” and that gives me some leeway. But honestly, I don’t always want to be learning something.

This issue is all about learning… and ‘Alchemy: the changing the frequency of thought; altering the harmonics of matter; and applying the power of love to create a desired result.’

So, welcome to class! And if we are in Earth school to learn what our soul signed up for in admissions, and we change the frequency of our thoughts higher above the fray – instead of going into battle kicking and screaming – lets remember to choose grace and willingness and make the lessons easier on ourselves.

This issue offers peaceful resolutions to problems such as: ease in handling changes brought on by the pandemic; how to deal with difficult relationships; how to move through pesky money issues; how to conger up courage in the face of danger, and more for passing the grade.

Prayer is key, so mark your calendar for Unity World Day of Prayer September 9-10. Virtually join thousands of others for this year’s theme“from fear to faith.” Your light is needed!

Nancy, Publisher


Inside this issue…

4 Angel Talk: Staying Sane in an Insane World

5 Ad, Get A Reading!

6-7 The Bigger Picture by Patricia Cota-Robles

8-9 Book Review: The Alchemist

10 In the Eye of the Storm by Aluna Joy Yaxkin

11 Penstemon Flower Essence Remedy

12 Astro-Outlook for September by Salina Rain

13 A Good Word from Author Denise Linn

14 Minimalist Lifestyle: Love the Home You’re In

16 The Tao of Dana

17 Ad, Essential Feng Shui®

18 Pat Gullett’s Creative Corner

19 Bev Brunelle: Practicing Mindfulness

20 Ask The Inner Voice!

21 Agree to Disagree & A Song to Heal the Planet

22 Ad, Lynn Schuster Animal Communicator

23 Ad, Ann Ruane – Reiki & Other Intuitive Skills

24 Ad, Free Spirit Crystals | Fire Agate