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July Letter
Dear Readers,
     In case you haven’t been told "I love you" lately, I am saying it to you. This issue comes to you from my heart with a sincere wish it blesses you (and the rest of the planet) through any crisis or predicament you are experiencing. Give yourself some love and be patient with yourself like you would with an infant. These are tough times for everyone. No doubt we are all in this together to face our issues and heal from what we’ve created. The good news is we are healing, for that is the way of nature. This issue offers ways you can rise above the fray and recreate the life you truly dream of.  You are not alone ~ I am with you on this journey.
     We’d love your feedback! Look for the link ~ ~ at the end of every article, click and let us know what you like about The Inner Voice and what you’d like to see more of in future issues. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Nancy, Publisher


Inside this issue…

2  Golden Light Healing - Ad

4  Angel Talk: Mindfully Creating the Life You Want 

5  Ad, Angel Mediumship Readings 

6  Book Overview By Steve Freier: “Your Life After Death” 

8 We are each a facet of the Creator By Heather Hope 

10 Astro-Outlook for July 2020 by Salina Rain 

13 The Tao of Dana by Dana Claudat 

14 Request for Reader’s Feedback 

15 Ad, Nancy Freier Essential Feng Shui® 

16 Healing the Body: Turmeric 

17 Bev Brunelle: Practicing Mindfulness 

18 Pat Gullett’s Creative Corner 

19 Ad, Ann Ruane – Reiki & Other Intuitive Skills 

20 Reiki Heals Gail Tail, the Cat 

21 Ad, Lynn Schuster Animal Communicator 

22 Ad, Free Spirit Crystals