How Some Seed Thoughts

We Plant Are Answered

By Nancy Freier


I usually don’t share personal things but the angels really pushed me to write this. They said there is someone who will read this and be helped, and afterall, that is why I create this e-magazine – to help people. The angels also told me that if this exact problem doesn’t apply to you, insert your own, issue, then read on because their answer will.


My issue is that I’ve had an ongoing digestive problem lately and instead of running for something to take for it, I wanted to work through the process of learning what it is here to teach me. I know by now that those pesky angels might be up to something, too, because I’ve asked in prayer for help and have waited (and waited) for an answer. At one point, I felt abandoned. Maybe the angels have no answer that will correct the issue. Maybe I’m not worthy enough for God to heal my aches and pains.


Meanwhile (and this is where the plot, like a hearty veggie stew thickens) in one area of my life, I’m working on this issue of The Inner Voice magazine that had a working theme of the cover art title, ‘The Plants Come Forth.’

Meanwhile, in another area of my life I’ve been asking for more variety in my seemingly small smorgasbord of foods I repeatedly choose to eat, and noticed several posts on Facebook lately about the health benefits of changing over to a plant-based diet. Also, my research for this issue turned up delicious recipes of new and healthy foods to try, all the while I sat here wondering what to fix to eat!


Does anyone recognize the craziness? We ask in prayer for things we want and when the prayer is answered we don’t recognize it. In this case, answers were showering down on me, yet I was focused elsewhere and feeling sorry for myself.


This is insane! I’d crossed a line somewhere, but no more. It is time to wake up and smell the veggies!


Beverly Brunelle emailed her article to me for this issue. It’s a meditation really to see what’s been planted in my mind, to tend to that garden, and to yank out outdated thoughts that have sprung up as weeds. It has been crazy for me to see this duality...of praying for answers and feeling like I haven’t been heard, only to look around with new eyes and see what’s been given in reply!


I need to stop the fight, end the excuses and change my diet. My prayers have been answered. I need to eat more of the plants grown on God’s Green Earth rather than continue to consume chemicals and additives in the foods I’ve grown used to eating. My body is trying to tell me something, and today I woke up and listened.


The angels also told me that they have been calling me to this action for quite a while. “Many years of tapping you gently on the shoulder and whispering in your ear the answers you have sought, have come to fruition. We are very happy to see this turning point in you. Now we can begin to heal your body. We have never aboandoned you. It is you who missed our messages. Now lettuce begin.” (I heard them tease.)


What seeds have you planted and watched and waited for answers that seemingly never came? What thoughts do you water and nurture in your mind? What you think and believe will become reality for you? In 2015 manifestation is happening more quickly than ever before.


Begin today to plant new thoughts in your freshly tilled soil. To truly change and heal your life to bring it up to new heights in awareness and in health, you must plant new seeds. Become very mindful of your thoughts ... every one of them as though they are seeds you plant in your garden this season, Then at harvest time, there will be no surprises (weeds of negative thoughts) that overcrowd your good intentions.