Power Planting and Power Prayer

By Kathleen Jacoby


You may wonder what planting and prayer have in common? They are two activities that r e q u i r e knowledge, intention, preparation, and action.

When we plant a seed in the ground, if we do so w i t h o u t thought of what that seed will need for full potential, the results will be hit-or-miss because the process of planting requires attention to the variables for best results.

For example, if we plant a seed in rocky soil, or soil that is depleted in nutrients, the seed will not yield a plant that has its full stamina and vibrancy. If that plant is a vegetable, it will lack the food value that’s important for our livelihood. It may not even grow.


If we don’t have an intention about where we are planting the seed, we are haphazard gardeners and the result can be spotty, or ill-conceived because we did not plan properly. The enlightened gardener does their homework, and footwork. They plot out their garden. They amend the soil so it is rich and ready to receive a worthy seed, and then they patiently water, feed, and tend the emerging plant until it reaches maturity and is ripe for the picking.


Prayer is similar. When we pray haphazardly, the results are haphazard. Prayer is not just a mental activity. Prayer has to be imbued with emotion and with forethought. In other words, we have to become the gardeners of our prayers – as intent on what we are doing as the seasoned gardener. A gardener has an understanding of their role as the orchestrator of the planting cycle, and as we pray, we have to be aware that we, too, are orchestrating an active intention for which we expect an answer and solution.

Wishy washy prayers that are sent out without the combination of intention, emotion, and action, are hit-or-miss. We need to take the mantle of authority for our own needs and see ourselves as the CEO of our own life, calling upon the unseen guidance and our team on the other side to come to our assistance in whatever way we need them in the particular time of our current prayer.


We are not little kids, powerless in the face of authority figures. We are not victims who are left out in the cold. WE are the incredible expression of the Creator from whom we come, and as such, we have full authority to take charge of our life. This requires a willingness to give up our helplessness and to be aware that we are, indeed, powerful beings who have the ability to call forth miracles.


We are the gardeners of our soul, and when we prepare the soil properly through intention and meditation, we are ready to plant our need into the enriched field of potential knowing, that as we put forth our needs, they will be met.


Planting and praying have much in common. Both yield abundant harvests when properly done. It’s up to us to take the time to learn how to plant and

how to pray. When we do, everything is possible!

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