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November 2022

Dear Readers,
   A whopping 30 pages filled with gratitude (and recipes!) – from my heart to yours in honor of Thanksgiving. Gratitude is quite possibly the best instant feel good remedy there is, and it’s free to practice! If you don’t know how to begin, turn to page 27 for some prompts ~ one for each day this
month. After 30 days, keep the gratitude going. Finish out the year and begin again in 2023. Your life and attitude will most certainly change for the better, and you’ll be grateful for that, too!

    In deciding what we’d feature this month, Bev suggested we share our favorite Thanksgiving feast recipes. Mine is called, ”The Only Way To Cook A Turkey.” It comes from my late mother-in-law who clipped it from The Milwaukee Journal in 1959. Steve’s “Potatoes Au Gratin” makes a perfect side dish. Top the feast off with Bev’s “Pumpkin-infused Brownies” for dessert. Diet next month.

    Now is the time to live a little and celebrate the alchemy of gratitude… that is, any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance (or attitude), usually of little value, into a substance (attitude) of great value.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Nancy, Publisher

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