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August 2022

Dear Readers,
The quote, “Learn to rest not quit” inspired this issue. No doubt life gets hard sometimes and we get busy tackling one thing after another.


The angels suggest there is help for your busy life. They highly encourage at the height of busyness, you hit the pause button and take a break. How about the lovely idea of a time-out to gaze up at the moon and all of the night sky? Rest in this space and notice there is a supreme divine order to the universe, the stars and planets including you and your affairs. Take a break from the busyness and discover the treasure in the silence.


My gift to you this month is ~ pause, look up at the moon, and listen. The angels hover just above and will guide you in their wisdom and love. Whatever concern is in this moment, the angels say, “Rest, you’ve got this!”

Nancy, Publisher

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