You are the Master

Gardener of Your Mind

A Mindful Meditation By Beverly Brunelle


I welcome you to come on an intimate journey into the garden of your mind. S t e p respectfully, it is brewing with life, well developed by parents and generations of ancestors. It appears as a complex jungle of beauty, mystery and burgeoning growth. Unique wonders of color, textures, smells and sounds from eras past abound.


Deeply breathing, feel the great varieties of intentions planted here. Emotions arise. Strength and powerful old growth proliferate. Delicate exotic plants of unquestioned beliefs, unresolved fears, and habitual self-defeating voices hide in the shade. You effort to perceive more. Tangled vines of unconscious attitudes, expectations and judgments gone wild hold you back, covering and limiting your perceptual landscape. You relax, acknowledging their presence and strong commitments. The vines relax and set you free to explore.


Curiosity is growing, opening your perceptions to more honest observations. Awareness is heightening. You discern what you have actually been cultivating in this garden of your mind. You see plantings with shallow and deep roots. You see these intricate networks of belief systems, rules, plans, and promises made and long forgotten. You find medicinal plants. Some are for numbness serving pain, terror and sadness. Some support digestion of new ideas, nourishing the heart and clearing toxins. Others feed anger, rage and shame. Some provide direct doorways to experiencing the divine within all things.


You take a deep breath and move into the center of the garden. Your heart opens. Compassion flows. This prolific


Your inner sensitivities are perceiving the living light that is weaving through    thisextensive family plot. You begin to sense the many caretakers here who are forever committed to keeping their plantings alive. One of these caretakers is you.


Each caretaker has their sacred role. Each tends diligently to intentions, commitments and agreements made in different times of different needs, all from limited visions of what was imagined possible.


Your heart light blazes, radiating appreciation for all beings and all commitments held. This loving light is well received. The caregivers transform into flavors of pure Divine light.


Your heart is your wisdom radar. In your awakening presence you realize your role is the green thumb of change. You are an inspiring masterful gardener, growing higher in clarity and appreciation. Wisely, you invite enlightening versions of the future to guide you in cultivating your evolving garden. You are receiving light tools, transmuting old established


Blessing the Earth and all that has proliferated here, and with great respect, clearing the jungle of thoughts at their roots. All old growth is composting to feed the new ground of well being.


The Light of the Ancestors is contributing to this grand transmutation. All are inviting and receiving support of the living earth and loving cosmic energies, planting new seeds of what truly nourishes evolving life, creative expression, and authentic relations. All are being set free into new territories of awakening consciousness, and so it is.

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