Angel Readings by Nancy Freier

& Sreper, Angel of the Great White Light


What is an Angel Reading?

Nancy Freier has an ability to “see and hear” messages from “the inner voice” who identifies himself as, Sreper, Angel of the Great White Light, “the CEO of a huge corporation of angels and other non-physical beings of Light" – including other angels, nature spirits, devas, fairies – each having their own area of expertise. Sreper oversees contact with these beings and with your loved ones in spirit, and answers your questions to help you through life’s challenges.

A Little History
Nancy’s communication with Sreper began in 1986 following the sudden death of her fiancé. That same day, the Angels told her they had to “bend near the Earth to save her, she was so sad.” In her grief she promised to help others so they did not have to suffer, and her communication with the angels began. It eventually led her to fulfill that promise and that "help" manifested in doing these readings.

Today, the Angels continue to present their Love, Light and Wisdom to individuals facing all kinds of challenges in body, mind, spirit, emotions, relationships, careers, and more – insisting there is a very good reason why things happen and they will reveal that to you so that you may have a greater understanding and make right choices for yourself going forward.

Private Angel Mediumship Readings 

Ask your questions and the angels will answer through Nancy’s “unique automatic-writing technique” she developed over the years – inspired by Ruth Montgomery, Edgar Cayce, among others.

Readings are available in writing via e-mail, or ‘live’ on Skype or Facetime by appointment.

For more information on all of Nancy's services,

Nancy Freier, "The Angel Medium"

Comments From Past Clients:

“Since I received Nancy’s message from the angels, I have focused – as suggested – with positive results. I am consequently very impressed with Nancy's abilities.” –R.P.

“Thank you for this beautiful reading! I will continue to re-read it and reach out to you in the near future.” –A.B.